My name is Joshua Farrell and I was born in Glendale, CA.  My family and I have lived in the central Texas town of Lockhart and made it our home for the last 25 years.  I have been making metal sculptures and selling them since 1992 to clients in California, Guatemala, Honderas and Texas.  

Before settling down to raise a family in the Lockhart/Luling, Texas area in 1994, growing up as a child I lived in California, Texas, Belize and Guatemala, Central America.  As a youth I lived in New York City in my early twenties for three year.  Working in my own fathers art studio since the age of 10, this had a great influence on me growing up.  

Living in the many different and diverse locations and always have my hand in art in one way or another, I have been self taught in my own technique and skills, and have developed a method that is different and makes my three dimensional art easy to understand and interprete.  Using black iron metal and acrylic paints I have been able to produce many styles and subjects that our reflections of my life experiences and memories.

In the future I hope to update this websight with my other art mediums - sketches, drawings, paintings and carvings, current and past projects.  

*PS...Some of the metal work construction and fire breathing is DANGEROUS-DO NOT TRY!

105 South Pine Street, Luling, Texas 78648
All of Joshua's works are unique and original.  From the oddly curious, to the industrial  intense symbolism, the range of topics that comes through his inspirations are without boundaries.  Using black iron, metal and acrylic paints, the images that spring from his mind and into his media reflect amazing workmanship and creativity.
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